User Rates & Information

The folllowing rates apply for UBC users with research funded by government sources (e.g. Tri-Agency, federal and provincial government).

Please contact us for rates for industry-funded projects.

Service Item UBC user with government-funded research Notes
Consultation, CL-2 skills evaluation, support for application to work in CL-3, orientation $300/person For all new users
Access to CL-3 facility services $3000/yr/person as of April 1, 2021  
Technician rate $75/hr  
Per diem cage fees  $3.50 5 mice per cage
Cage provision and sanitation $12/cage  

Facilty Access and Use Principles

October 18, 2020

  1. All researchers must have completed all training and orientation requirements for access to FINDER.
  2. Researchers requesting access to FINDER for conducting animal studies must have completed the appropriate animal training requirements.
  3. All researchers must have approved Biosafety and animal care protocols from the Biosafety committee and the Animal Care Committee.
  4. All equipment and infrastructure in FINDER are considered to be a shared resource and researchers must have received training where appropriate on the equipment. Any equipment needing repair or maintenance must be immediately reported to the FINDER manager or technician. Researchers may lead proposals to acquire new equipment and should coordinate this through the Steering Committee.
  5. Bacterial and viral strains that are stored and maintained in FINDER that have been described in the literature are a shared resource. Such materials will be available to other researchers upon request and signing of any relevant MTAs.
  6. The FINDER Steering Committee provides guidance to the FINDER Manager on prioritization of access. The FINDER Manager is responsible for optimizing the scheduling of access to space, equipment, material and supplies. 
  7. FINDER facility will operate in a manner that is respectful of equity, diversity and inclusion principles.
  8. All users wishing to conduct studies in FINDER will be required to submit a completed application to the FINDER manager, which will be reviewed and may/may not be approved.
  9. Budgets for any work to be carried out in FINDER and being proposed or funded by a private sector company must be based on full cost recovery. The FINDER manager must be consulted for costs and fees to be included, prior to the execution of a service agreement and/or research agreement via UILO.   
  10. Any evidence or allegations of non-compliance with FINDER processes and procedures will be investigated as appropriate by the FINDER manager, SRP manager, the Steering Committee and/or referred to other units, such as the Animal Care Committee, Biosafety Committee.