About Us

We are UBC's shared platform for researchers working with Risk Group 3 pathogens. We offer access and services to three different laboratories.

As a full-service facility we provide:

  • expert advice for safety protocols;
  • access and services for academic and industry projects;
  • training and guidance.

The Facility for Infectious Disease and Epidemic Research (FINDER) is a UBC shared research platform funded in part by the Faculty of Medicine, Genome BC and the Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation.


The FINDER Steering Committee members provide advice to VPRI and to staff, ensure good governance and explore future needs of the platform.

  • Bintou Ahidjo, Research Platform Manager
  • Yossef Av-Gay, Professor, Representative of the Life Sciences Institute
  • Helen Burt, Associate VP Research & Innovation Office
  • Lindsay Eltis, Professor, Scientific Advisor
  • Marie-Claude Fortin, Shared Research Facilities Manager, VP Research & Innovation Office
  • Marc Horwitz, Professor, Representative, Faculty of Science
  • Eric Jan, Professor, Representative, Faculty of Medicine
  • Ian Welch, Director, Animal Care Services

Research Services Team

  • Dr. Bintou Ahidjo, Research Platform Manager
    The Research Platform Manager is responsible for matters including administration, management of staff, development of partnerships, stakeholder relations, security protocols, training and providing advice and guidance related to research techniques and biosafety processes (e.g. development of policies, SOPs, use of equipment) to minimize risk and ensure the health of users and staff.  
  • Dean Airey, Senior Technician
  • Andrea Bernardo, Technician


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