About Us

We are UBC's shared platform for researchers working with Risk Group 3 pathogens. We offer access and services to three different laboratories.

As a full-service facility we provide:

  • expert advice for safety protocols;
  • access and services for academic projects (industry projects will be accepted in the near future);
  • training and guidance.

The Facility for Infectious Disease and Epidemic Research (FINDER) is a UBC shared research platform funded in part by the Faculty of Medicine, Genome BC and the Office of the Vice-President, Research & Innovation.


The FINDER Steering Committee members provide advice to VPRI and to staff, ensure good governance and explore future needs of the platform.

  • Bintou Ahidjo, Research Platform Manager
  • Yossef Av-Gay, Professor, Representative of the Life Sciences Institute
  • Helen Burt, Associate VP Research & Innovation Office
  • Lindsay Eltis, Professor, Scientific Advisor
  • Marie-Claude Fortin, Shared Research Facilities Manager, VP Research & Innovation Office
  • Marc Horwitz, Professor, Representative, Faculty of Science
  • Eric Jan, Professor, Representative, Faculty of Medicine
  • Ian Welch, Director, Animal Care Services

Research Services Team

  • Dr. Bintou Ahidjo, Research Platform Manager
  • Dean Airey, Senior Technician
  • Andrea Bernardo, Technician


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